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Here is a draft of what I was working on with the other parties. I was trying to make this a nicely written piece, so people wouldn't get bored with it. As far as the statement about rates of pay, that was all just possibility and idea... And we were definitely finding how easy it is to fall into the pyramid power structure..

I can't make it to the meeting on Sunday, but I am interested in helping to manifest this. I'm out of the city until the beginning of April. I'll work hard to get you that info on that art collective, I was endeavoring to start.

There is no attachment, I just copy and pasted it to the bottom. Thank You!

Bradley Maxwell

As a collective it is our mission to enrich the lives of our members by seeking new ways in which individuals can connect in common professional cause. We believe that a working environment which stimulates people's interests, and allows individuals to thrive, creates a worker who can function at a higher level within the collective and the greater community.

I. We maintain fairness and equality as the foundation of our collective, for all of our members, and within our communities.

II. Honesty and transparency within the collective are to be maintained at all times.

III. We seek to minimize waste through constant vigilance, applying our philosophy to both resources, and the energy of an individual.

IV. We believe that education is critical to the continued growth of an individual, and we promote the sharing of knowledge as being fundamental to the success of our mission.

V. We hold the belief that enjoyment of life is a right, and we encourage a work environment that allows time for people to pursue their own pleasures.

VI. We recognize that innovation and constant adaption is conducive to the growth and success of our collective.

VII. We endeavor to bring workers who are happy, and highly skilled into other work environments, to facilitate the best service possible.

VIII. The highest paid employee shall never make more than triple the lowest paid employee.
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Gives you the same personal liability protection as a corporation

Has fewer formalities than a corporation

Has a flexible management and ownership structure

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